MaraDona Labourer Of The Year is a journey, a book or probably a film, we will never know. MaraDona are also Eight Letters M A R A D O N A but MaraDona Emigrations has another meaning. Because we have this International Tier A TLD or Extension. It all starts with national extensions, like www.DiegoArManDoMaraDona.co.uk a night in DidCot which is not Tik Tok but a center in the province of Oxford in this land, which everyone calls OxfordShiRe instead we call it SalenTo EngLand MeravigLia .
MaraDona, as absurd as it might be, but this surname is dedicated precisely to the English people and, obviously, also to the Argentines, Giorgio too my brother is also an Argentinian footballer who is then called Jorge like the Pope, I don’t, I hate football , the PlayStation , but MaraDona is MaraDona , like all the Revolutionaries of this planet , Maradona whether you want it or not has been part of everyone beyond football . There’s more . Beyond the Wars there is ‘other’.
Being responsible for the future of this eight-letter surname is not easy, there are many men in the world with this surname, but for us it is also a concept of this journey of physical emigration, but the mental one was decisive, as Federico said Fellini, if you don’t emigrate physically, at least do it mentally. And we’ve always been used to this. So if Mara in Salento means bitter, Dona, at the same time it means that Emigration can give you many pains, but also many Beautiful Things, problems, resolutions, opportunities, knowledge, insights, research, study, passion, the emigration can also be this, putting something into your head and doing it, like in the summer of 2020 when we decided to leave for England. What job opportunities did we have? Getting our hands dirty, and so it was, strange it will seem, but it was beautiful, the greatest players get dirty on the pitch if they have their dreams, right or wrong.

NO ONE CAN JUDGE ME This is the story of the Laborer Of The Year, comical, cursed, solitary, independent, a personal study deriving from the choice to leave everything in Italy even if you were financially well, to look for something else, probably yourself, certainly. So these two and a half revolutionary years in England have been, we have tasted everything, from construction sites, to not knowing the language and considering it an opportunity to look for solutions to learn it, in a different way, simply remaining yourself Everywhere, that “let’s say ” Good Salento Boy to Marry who will never get married. So not a good example.

Venus PerLa & PerLe

Now I’ll intervene, my name is Venus, but why did you cause so much chaos in the world for a Domain Name !!! But these things are only in Italy, now Venus tells you who Umberto Bruno is!!! He’s certainly not part of the N Normal category, we are in the M Band A Materia Very High category. Let’s bet that you have created an asylum, on an important issue , exaggeratedly discussed by who is against this or that government? But there were solutions and many others too. For these things concerning Domains, Web Hosting Services, Solutions, E-Mail and everything that can make your Image on the Web better, you only have to talk to him !!! Call it what you like, but Umberto Bruno S.p.A. it is something Extraterrestrial. If you put something into your head, you execute it like choosing to be a labourer. But why if he was fine after all? Now I’ll explain, listen to me who am more experienced and a little older, life always gives problems, but it depends on which side you look at them. Everything has a double or intrinsic value but the importance you give to anything depends only on you. Every word can fly in the wind, can be written, or can be studied and deepened. The whole world has talked about this story and from here we have observed in silence. But it’s really true, however, that beyond the words that fly in the wind, there are important words in the vocabulary of the Image. We remind Italians that Queen Elizabeth is the Platinum Queen , whether you like it or not, that the Masters of the World Wide Web are the British , the World Champions are the Argentines who speak Spanish , and, ok , but God forbid the Italians will remain the Masters of Made in Italy all over the world, appreciated and recognized, but it must be said that Italian is spoken only in Italy instead of English most of all and Spanish in many countries, so do the calculation yourself alone, but the result is StudiaRe l ‘English . The night of January 20 2021 begins a two-year MaraTona of Umberto Bruno , like that of Forrest Gump , but on the World Wide Web and also in construction sites where history tells that he ran more ‘ of everyone until that Cursed February 14, 2022 when he discovered he was Clandestine, this was precisely the Destiny of the Laborer Of The Year. Thus was born the Clan of Destino PoteRe alle Donne.


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